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The largest electronic database classified and classified according to customer needs in the Arab Republic of Egypt

his mission

Accurately obtaining new targeted clients by sector and by target jobs from a reliable source to increase market share to create new opportunities

  • The e-mail sending feature
  • WhatsApp messaging feature
  • Database export feature.
  • Advanced search feature
  • internal memory property
  • Print feature
  • Targeted data

Strategic goals

  • Reliable source of corporate databases
  • The willingness of customers listed in the directory to communicate and their knowledge of the Target directory
  • Provide the official's name, number and position
  • Availability of more than one means of communication for the company (website, e-mail, contact numbers)
  • Availability of more than one official within the company
  • Availability of senior positions in companies (decision makers)
  • The cost of the directory is less than the cost of funded advertisements or attending exhibitions and conferences to obtain data in terms of number and quality
  • Save time in obtaining databases of this number and quality
  • Providing communication programs (WhatsApp - individual email - company email)
  • Save time and effort to register numbers on WhatsApp by writing to them directly from the WhatsApp link of each company in the directory.
  • Save time for emailing a whole sector of companies with Black Email service with a single message from within the directory.
  • Ease of searching within the electronic directories in the sector or region.
  • Opening new markets by communicating with companies participating in exhibitions and conferences.
  • Provide the best service providers and products to obtain price quotations to compare them.
  • What are Farouk Group database sources?

    Through funded advertisements and after the registration of companies, it has been approved to manage our databases with our various printed and electronic guides, and we are working on continuous updating and tabulation of databases

  • Can I target and market my customers to them?

    Yes, your customers can be targeted accurately, and choosing the appropriate means of communication is important through WhatsApp campaigns using chatbot technology, through email campaigns, or through phone messaging campaigns, while providing integrated marketing solutions from content preparation, design and campaign management to ensure that the targeted results are reached.

  • What are your payment methods?

    Bank account, online payment, Fawry, Vodafone Cash, visiting the company's headquarters, delivery to your company's door


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Price List

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and aspirations

Business Package

  • Access to data from 28,000 companies
  • Obtaining data for 40,000 officials
  • Get 150 classified sectors
  • Postal messaging tool
  • Export tool
  • Manage WhatsApp messaging

Standard Package

  • Specific targeting for companies
  • Specific targeting of officials
  • Targeting sectors
  • Postal messaging tool
  • Export tool
  • Manage WhatsApp messaging