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Our vision:

Employing information technology and management sciences to create a continuous community directed to business enterprises through a digital platform that provides technical solutions to create new opportunities starting from the Arab Republic of Egypt and extending to our Arab world.

Our mission:

Understanding the needs of our customers and analyzing the strategies of relationships between business enterprises and between consumers and companies to devise technological solutions to achieve the targeted results of digital transformation.

  • Direct marketing by phone to 68,000 companies and classified officials
  • Online booking from inside and outside the platform
  • Notification of requests, reservations and events
  • Marketing ads
  • Sector and job targeting
  • Direct marketing by email and WhatsApp

Strategic goals

  • Creating business opportunities and increasing access to alternative opportunities
  • Provide a supportive environment for companies on the platform through platform tools
  • Achieving communication between business establishments for requests for prices and supplies
    and communication between consumers and business establishments in requesting products and services
  • Joining the platform with a free membership is essential and necessary when establishing companies
  • Renewal with us is a gain for our customers before it is ours
  • Development in the platform is imperative
  • Provide classified and classified data sources for business enterprises by sector and by function
  • Direct marketing of all data on the platform using modern digital tools
  • 0% commission
Price List

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and aspirations

Premium corporate membership

  • Premium membership
  • Control Panel
  • Advantages of import membership
  • Direct marketing of 162 sectors on the platform
  • Direct marketing for 66,000 companies and officials
  • Target your customers with keywords
  • Target your customers by activity and sector
  • Direct communication between members
  • Marketing by WhatsApp, e-mail.
  • Notices of requests and reservations
  • Sending and receiving internal messages
  • Updating and developing target customer data according to your sector
  • Receiving unlimited supply requests
  • Reports and statistics
  • Add your customers
  • Android app for the platform
  • Technical support WhatsApp-phone-online

Free Standard Membership

  • Membership to your company
  • Control Panel
  • Add products without limits
  • Reservation of unlimited products
  • Add articles and videos without limits
  • Add unlimited events and Careers
  • Unlimited administrative users
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • Receive customer ratings and opinions
  • 0% sales commission
  • Review your advertising campaigns
  • Get updates
  • Creating job requests and offers with the platform's clients
  • Advanced search engine
  • Reports and statistics
  • Add your customers
  • Android application for the platform
  • Technical support Watts-phone-online